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Ark Ladies

Ark Ladies

After playing 6 out of 6 games,


Game 1. Ark Ladies 1 – 3 Extinguishers
Game 2. Reformers 2 – 0 Ark Ladies
Game 3 GRA (Customs) 6 – 0 Ark Ladies
Game 4. Police 5 – 1 Ark Ladies
Game 5. Ark Ladies 1 – 0 Real Ambassador’s Ladies
Game 6. Ark Ladies 3 – 0 Amazing Grace


No. of matches won – 2
No. of matches drawn – 0
No. of matches lost – 4
Total goals scored – 6
Total goals conceded – 16
Previous season position – 5th

Ark Ladies played as an underdog last season. They had their way by beating weaker sides but suffered in the hands of stronger teams. Their midfield and attackers approach failed to deliver causing the team great turmoil.

They should, this season; focus on reducing their losses on games against big matches but shouldn’t relax for the weaker teams to overcome them.
They can make changes in their tackling and defensive tactics to secure more momentum.

Let’s see how they can imprison the teams in this year’s league.

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