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Ghana Hockey…… Time with WISEMAN


Once the giants of hockey in Africa and a notable name in the world at large, Ghana has since dropped to a survivor in the game. Hockey in Ghana is dying out with lots of talent on the verge of being wasted. After a personal study of the game in recent times, Ghana can still lock horns with South Africa and Egypt on the African continent and go on to compete at the world stage with the number of talented players available. The question then is Why?  How? and when?

Captain of the Central region hockey team consoling a team mate after losing to Ashanti region in the final of the just ended Senior High schools sports festival

WHY haven’t we done that?

The answer to this question is simple.  Lack of adequate planning and time for the game. In our part of the world, we boast of LEADERS who want a now response and harvest. If we don’t get the results now then we have failed. This seems to be the mindset and idea of some of our leaders. There is a need to have a plan in order to succeed in all you do. A strategic plan with a span of year in mind is all that matters to be on the same level with the said giants in Africa. We have the talents in the country as well as young ones with the passion ready to learn and take it to the next level. Lets develop a plan for these ones as well as have time for them. A journey of a thousand mile they say begins with a step. We have not gotten there because we lack not the skill, talent or knowledge about the game but rather the plan and time to invest into the game. We have not gotten there because we want to build our Rome in a day that is regain the name we lost regarding hockey now and if that doesn’t happen then we have failed. We haven’t gotten there because going for tournaments such as playing the hockey world league and advancing to round 2 is enough for us, taking part in the Africa Cup of Nations is what we want to achieve now and not planning to win it. We haven’t gotten there because we see hockey as one of those sports and not THE SPORT.

Lets bring these moments back into our game

How do we get there?

The how to get there is very broad and difficult on paper but simple to achieve with passion. After a thorough look at the various hockey events in the country just this year, one can tell that the how is around the corner. The just ended Senior High schools sports festival saw talents being displayed as well as first timers in the game showing the zeal and eagerness to play hockey. The number of people who came to watch the game also sends a signal that love is still there for the game. The Afahye, T-tommy, University of Ghana inter hall and other competitions can testify the game is not dead. Lets set up a development plan which seeks to bring results not now but few years to come depending on how fast we move. A national hockey league if not feasible, then the need to ensure that every region plays a hockey league run by regional associations. An annual national competition can be organised for the winners from the various regions and so on. Grass root development, every person a hockey stick campaign, taking the game to junior high school level and other projects can also be put in place.  Lets take hockey to the people if they won’t come for it. One district one hockey tournament….. One village one hockey team.

Students at inter regional level training without shoes shows and guards shows how eager they want to learn, play and take it to the next level

When can we get there?

As soon as we can and want to. The people are ready to learn, play and take it to the next level. Lets join hands to make this happen. It’s time to take Ghana hockey back to where it belongs.

Our current players have proven over the years their capabilities and ability to get to the highest level with brilliant individual performances.  We have the likes of Baah , Baiden and Botsio making name away from home. And we boast of lots of such talents now in our league and across the nation.

The work is plentious but the workers are few.

Let’s make this happen.



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