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Day 1
22/07/2016    WOMEN
7:00 AM
Police vs    Reformers

22/07/2016    MEN
8:30 AM
Police    vs Reformers

Day 2
23/07/2016    MEN
6:30 AM
Ark Men    Legon Knights

23/07/2016    MASTERS
8:00 AM
Sapholda vs.    NDK Financiers

23/07/2016    MASTERS
9:30 AM
Multi-sticks     vs. Citizens Int.

23/07/2016    WOMEN     11:00 AM
GRA (Customs)     vs. Ark Ladies

23/07/2016    WOMEN
1:00 PM
Real Ambassadors Ladies vs.     Amazing Grace

23/07/2016    YOUTH
2:30 PM
Ark Boys vs.    Tema Manhean

23/07/2016    YOUTH
4:00 PM
Real Ambassadors vs.    Tema Youth

23/07/2016    MEN
5:30 PM
Trustees vs. GRA (Customs)

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