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Hockey Pitch hostel rented to students whilst tennis athletes reside in less ventilated changing room

The National Sports Authority completed a take over of the Theodosia Okoh Hockey Stadium in May 2018 and has since left the structure in total jeopardy. The body which is responsible for all sports assets in the country has a bad record of maintenance of these assets. A notable case is the Accra sports stadium which has been left in absolute shambles and now a death threatening artefact.

The Theodosia Okoh Hockey Stadium, which was constructed in the year 2008 under the late President Atta Mills led administration, had been fully used by the Hockey Association till the Greater Accra Regional Sports Authority took over.  After improper care and poor maintenance of the Accra Sports Stadium, which is now under severe repairs, the body decided to shift its attention to the hockey stadium and just like their records, cause damage to it.

The Hockey Stadium properly built, has a hostel facility, conference room, VIP lounge, a gym, 4 changing rooms etc to serve their various purposes to the hockey fraternity and public in general.

In every game of sport, a changing room is needed to serve the purpose of a place where teams playing on a specific match day lodge to;

  1. Prepare for the game
  2. Change into their kits or jerseys
  3. Freshen up after the match.

The RSA has misunderstood the purpose of these changing rooms and converted them into hostel facilities for sports men and women which is very unfortunate and unhygienic for accommodation.

On Friday, 7th September, 7 girls, who are participants of the 2018 Hope Tennis Clinic and club tournament organized by Tenolf Sports Ghana in collaboration with the Ghana Tennis Federation, were seen lodging in the less ventilated changing room of the hockey pitch with their beds, bags and belongings lying on the whiles they make room for space for each other.

According to the girls, whose parents are not aware of their place of stay but are representing the club, sometimes take their beds outside to sleep on the pavements of the hostel due to the enormous heat emanating from the sinks and bath. The girls noted, they were asked to lodge in this place due the utilization of the hostel by other athletes. It was further enquired that, some parts of the rooms were rented out to individuals who were not athletes but students.

When asked about their coach, the girls noted that he didn’t stay with them and were not to complain about their place of stay.

Is the Hockey stadium being used as a vendor for making money at the expense of………? Is the National Sports Authority really concerned about the well being of sportsmen and women in the country?


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