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Report by Kingsley Boakye

“No I am done with the national team. How about you?” were the words of Timothy Josiah Timat, when our correspondent engaged him in a one-on-one conversation.

Earlier this month, rumours were circulating that the CUS Cagliari striker, who was also one of the key players who helped Nigeria’s Hockey achieve greater heights, was returning back to the team. Some sence of relieve hit the federation of Hockey in Nigeria but this was one of the eaves drops that has made the them cry

Timothy said, he has left the team and there is no way he would be turning back. Nigeria in this way has lost one of the topmost stickers and would have to do more in other to qualify for R2 of the World Hockey League.

We would keep you updated with all the news circulating the world league R1.

Remember that if you are the focus…………..the hockey is the reason.

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