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Real Ambassadors

After playing 4 out of 4 games

Game 1. Real Ambassadors 3 – 1 Ark Boys
Game 2. Real Ambassadors 4 – 2 Tema Youth
Game 3. Tema Manhean 1 – 4 Real Ambassadors
Game 4. Real Ambassadors 3 – 1 Young Financiers


No. of matches won – 4
No. of matches drawn – 0
No. of matches lost – 0
Total goals scored – 14
Total goals conceded – 5
Previous season position – 1st

Well structured, well vested and structurally coordinated in their game play. Real Ambassadors took every team as a threat in their title quest and so removed all stumbling blocks (teams) from its way. Every part of its team worked as it should from game 1 to the last game.

Attackers and Midfielders were consistent with their game play, but might not be enough this season. This season is likely to change for Real Ambassadors as more teams are geared up for them. They would have to build twice of their defense, midfield and attack for all teams.


Winning should be the focus this season.
Noted for its formal game play, Real Ambassadors would be eager to win this season’s title.

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