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SPOT LIGHT: By the line

By Jafaru

Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember but involve me and I learn. ‘Benjamin Franklin’.

Strategies and Approaches to coaching adapted by most coaches which is characterized by the involvement of the players or in other words making it player centered is keen.

The sports industry is one industry which patronizes this type of learning most and according to research is a result oriented approach. The World League Round 1 series, featuring the Ghana National Men and Women’s Team knocking horns with their counterparts from Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria.

The spotlight lies on a group of youngsters hovering around the sidelines of the hockey pitch. The main duty of these young chaps was a wonderful one which most educators should encourage, to put the balls in place anytime they go out. Primarily, their duty appears to be so simple but looking in the direction where these kids have been involved, will make them move a step forward as players of the game. For them to concentrate and focus on the game alone makes them very attentive which makes them learn a lot by watching. Watching not from just any angle, but watching from the comfort of no distraction.

Let’s cultivate a teaching habit by this approach.
We strongly believe a couple of the national giants ‘were there some’.

Watch and Learn

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