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The Master’s division consists of teams within the age group of 35 and above. The teams mainly, constitute of men who have either retired from the national team or veterans in the field of hockey in Ghana. The teams include Sapholda, NDK Financiers, Multi-stix, Veterans, Citizens International and new comers Golden Sticks. 

Let’s see how the various teams performed last season.


Veterans last season struggled with their approach to all matches played. After playing 5 out of 5 games, this was their outcome.

Game 1. Multi-stix 5 – 0 Veterans
Game 2. Golden Sticks 4 – 2 Veterans
Game 3. Veterans 3 – 5 NDK Financiers
Game 4. Veterans 0 – 3 Sapholda
Game 5. Veterans 0 – 3 Citizens Int.

No. of matches won – 0
No. of matches drawn – 0
No. of matches lost – 5
Total goals scored – 5
Total goals conceded – 20
Previous season position – 6th

As a result of some players not showing up on match days, the team couldn’t compete like other teams. They couldn’t also rely on some players as some were old and couldn’t play the game again. The team structure couldn’t work as a whole and this allowed most teams to take advantage.


The team should work on adding young players to the team. This would make the team competitive at all times and also help build the team to last longer.
Structurally Veterans should stay competitive by improving upon their game play and also increasing the number of players they have.

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