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Team GRA(Customs) and Police Service are now the only top two teams left to decide who wins this year’s Greater Accra Hockey Association (GAHA) League in the women’s division. Their performance has already landed them tickets to represent Ghana in the African Club Chapionship, but the one who is actually taking the throne in the womens league as champion of Greater Accra is decided today, Friday,  19th August 2016 @ 4pm. This is week 7 and its the last week for the league, so every match counts. Do well to be there today and support your team as they try to put each other’s back to the ground.



GRA (Customs) are with first 15 points out of matches played and 22 goals and they set to be be the only team that hasnt been score in this year’s league. Hope they can hold it still in today’s match.

Police service 2nd with 13 points out of 5 matches played and 35 goals

Reformers(prisons service)  3rd with 13 points out of 6 matches played and 16 goals

Extinguished (fire service) 4th with 6 points out of 5 matches played and 6 goals

Ark ladies are 5th with 3 points out of 5 matches played and -13 goals

Real Ambassador Ladies are 6th with 3 points out of 5 matches played and – 32 goals

Amazing grace are 7th. With No point out of the 6 matches an – 30 goals

You are the focus……………..Hockey is the reason

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