GUSA disrespects Hockey

The 26th edition of the Ghana Universities Sports Association (GUSA) has been the talk of town from the first day it commenced. The University of Ghana without any iota of doubt has raised the GUSA standards – a headache for the other institutions hosting in subsequent editions.

UG has proven beyond reasonable doubt they are indeed the premier University, always setting the pace for others to follow. The games was hosted using the Olympic standards and the host should be lauded for a good work done.

An area of concern however remains the treatment received by the hockey teams with respect to medals. With all disciplines receiving etched and 3D designed medals depicting your area of discipline on one side and the Legon 2020 logo on another side, the hockey teams received medals with their area of discipline written on a sticker covering one part of the medal with the other part left blank. Great disregard towards Hockey by GUSA. The question is, Why Hockey and not any other discipline?

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Medlas given to hockey players

A little bit disappointed at GUSA especially looking at the discipline they treated as such. An area which has been part of the games since inception receiving such treatment is very bad. The presentation of the medals itself depicts how they disregard hockey. These young lads played to honour their institutions, they played their hearts out only to be given medals distributed at SHS interhouse games – such gross disrespect and embarrassment.

Medals received by other disciplines

GUSA should come out with a better explanation as to how they forgot to give the hockey teams the same medals given to other disciplines. There is no excuse to this as they had two years to prepare for Legon 2020, very much aware hockey is part. It’s either they disregard the sport or poor planning led to this.

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Image on the left: medals presented to hockey teams
Image on the right: medals presented to other disciplines.

“We are disappointed at GUSA. They didn’t respect us at all. We all came here to participate as sports men and women so why do you prioritize some over others? We left our comforts to come and compete for our institutions…We left our homes to play our hearts out for our various institutions…Nice medals were given to our friends in other disciplines only for us to receive medals given to students who compete at SHS interhouse games. We are very sad and deeply disappointed at the entire GUSA leadership”, some hockey players explained.

They are both gold medals. On the left is the gold medal for the hockey teams and the right image is the gold medal for other teams.

“We are not accepting the medals. They should give us what we deserve. They have not respected us and we will forever remember this. It was so embarrassing for all hockey players when we saw our medals as compared to the other disciplines. We wondered what we did wrong to be treated as such”, others concluded.

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The LOC has done very well hosting the 2020 GUSA but the medals given to hockey teams and the manner it was presented was very bad. They (hockey players) should be given what they deserve – till then GUSA 2020 wasn’t successful and isn’t over. GUSA should ponder over this and come out with the only solution (presenting the same medals to the hockey teams) as soon as they can.

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