GUSA 2020 Medals not in: Myth or reality?

The focus in the world now is on the deadly Covid-19 which has claimed lives across the globe. The nature of the disease has forced restricting movements of people, placing bans on public gatherings, closure of schools just to mention a few. All these are in place to curb the rapid spread of the virus.

The attention may be on the Covid-19 pandemic for now but hockey players of the following institutions; University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, University of Cape Coast and University of Education still have their minds on GUSA 2020. The University Sports Association still have a score to settle with these young athletes.

The Association made available to all disciplines 3D etched medals with the exception of hockey. The medals given to the hockey players were low in quality as compared to that of the other disciplines. The hockey fraternity collectively rejected the medals given to them. They were promised by the authorities of the Ghana University Sports Association the exact medals given to the other disciplines. This promise was made in January 2020 and till date the players have not been told anything as to when they are receiving the medals. We are aware of the current situation globally but that doesn’t stop GUSA from at least sending a word to these sports men and women relating to their medals. There are numerous media GUSA can use to communicate to the students and that they haven’t done till now.

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“We are still waiting for our medals. These are medals we worked for…we are surprised till now they (GUSA) haven’t even sent a word to us. They should respect us for what we do. We are not going to demonstrate on this but they should do the right thing”, a player lamented.

“Covid-19 is around and we are very much aware but that doesn’t stop GUSA from giving us what we worked for. They can at least send a message to us through our heads regarding this. How can hockey be disrespected in such manner? They have decided to be mute on this because they disrespect us. They are quiet because they disregard hockey. We are giving them an ultimatum to return our medals else we will boycott the next GUSA”, another explained.

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“This can be done to any discipline hence I expect all other University Sports students to come together and fight for the hockey players. They made sacrifices to get to that level therefore the medals should be given to them no matter what. We will collectively fight for them till they get what they deserve”, a handball player explained.

The Association is a sports association hence collating all sporting disciplines therefore the medals should be made available to the students. The association should at least show concern and interest in this regardless the current situation by getting in touch with the students. A word to them is even enough. It will make them feel their concerns are important to the association. GUSA is never successful without these students. GUSA cannot be hosted without these sportsmen and women. GUSA should wake up and ensure the medals are made available to the students.

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There was a ceremony held on 19th January 2020 to close down the curtains for GUSA 2020 but technically, GUSA 2020 is not over. A competition can be described over when all winners have been recognized and awarded as such.

Until the medals are made available to the hockey players, GUSA 2020 is not over.

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